About Wiggly Piglet

Find out more about me and the Wiggly Piglet way.

About Wiggly Piglet

I want my images to be as personal and heartfelt as my approach to taking them. I feel so very privileged to meet and photograph every single family that I meet and I adore capturing those intimate moments that make every single family so unique.

My belief and approach to photographing families, babies and bumps, is that the real love and contentment can only truly be captured at home. Expectant mums nesting, proud fathers in awe, and families in love with their new arrivals. So, whether it’s the yawn of a baby or the blissful look of mum and dad cradling their newborn, it’s in the warmth and familiarity of home where it really shines. I want every photo to be full of your memories; the soft toys you were gifted, the blankets you were knitted. Your home, your memories, your love – simply captured by me.

And I couldn’t think of better inspiration for my business than my Godson, Theo, whose parents fondly nicknamed him Wiggly Pig, when at one week old, it became apparent he was indeed, a wiggler. It was nappy changing chaos!

A little bit about me…

A lover of all things visual and creative, I studied Fashion Photography and Styling at university – many moons ago. On from graduating, I spent almost 10 years as a fashion stylist but my love of photography was always niggling in the background and I longed to get back behind the lens. It was in 2015 when I decided to take the plunge and spend my time capturing memories for families, special memories that they can cherish for generations to come.

But hey, in amongst all the photo taking and baby cuddles, I lend my hand to a bit of knitting, I feed my husband and friends with homemade cake, and I always have a cup of tea somewhere…getting cold. Anyway, I won’t give too much away, there are always things to talk about whilst we’re waiting for your little ones to play ball in front of the camera.

English breakfast tea
Elderflower gin
Carrot cake

What does ‘Lifestyle Photography’ mean?

I remember sitting on the living room floor as a child going through the endless family photo albums which had been catalogued so lovingly by my dad. Still to this day I do the same thing every time I visit my parents, except now more than ever these photos are so much more precious. These moments, these old, glossy Boots print, however imperfect they were, hold true meaning and lasting memories. These precious moments are what I hope to recreate for you –  just without all the boxes of negatives!

In essence, for me, lifestyle photography means capturing a beautiful portrait without interfering in that moment. I want to capture real moments that you share with your loved ones with as little input from me as possible. I won’t ask you to lower your chin, or physically position you on an armchair, but I might ask you to snuggle on the sofa together or walk through the park hand in hand.

It’s about those family photos that we all long to look back on one day, except this time dad is in front of the camera rather than behind it, or mum’s face isn’t hidden behind Grandad’s head. In this digital age, lets make memories to keep, lets invest in albums to hand down – not to get misplaced on an old computer or forgotten on a USB stick.